We promote an organic and sustainable model in farming and Agri-food business practices.
Mamvura Farm is a an agri-food business that has vertical as well as lateral integration only as far as it maximises profits and promotes internal growth. It has 5 highly integrated branches designed to promote an organic and sustainable model in farming and agri-food business practices. Our livestock section provides the manure for our market gardening which in turn contributes towards animal feed. The farm is completely off the grid using solar energy and bio-gas. We plan to produce bio-diesel as well in the near future so that the farm is completely self sustainable in its energy needs.

Our values is what drives us

We understand the challenges that our clients are facing and provide tailored solutions that meet even the most demanding clients’ needs.

We have enjoyed continuous growth and expansion. Each step has enabled us to better fulfill our purpose of preparing our communities and environments for the future.